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Brodie, my Border Collie mix, was nearly seven years old when he experienced his first epileptic seizure. For the next three years, we struggled to find the combination of medicine and treatments that could provide adequate control of his seizures. In the journey to better understand his epilepsy, there was also the discovery of a heart condition and a cancerous tumor.  The College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University helped Brodie survive these additional challenges. As we entered into the fourth year of his epilepsy, we finally achieved success over his seizure activity. For the remaining five years of his life, he never experienced a grand mal seizure.








Living with Brodie’s epilepsy was a life-changing experience. It grew my inspiration to help other dogs that are struggling with epilepsy and the strain it can put on their families who care for them. In memory of Brodie Anderson, Brodie’s Endowment for Epilepsy Research has been established. My hope is epileptic dogs are provided every chance to live a quality life for their natural life span.

The mission of this endowment is:

  1. To research the causes of canine epilepsy, including genetic factors, for  increased knowledge and potential use of any proactive treatments

  2. Through research, enhance current, as well as future, treatments, and therapies, including new or improved medications

  3. To provide educational outreach and support for pet owners whose dogs are living with epilepsy


Memorial Brick at NC State Veterinary Hospital 

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